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The Five County Association of Governments is a voluntary association of local governments from the five southwestern counties of the State of Utah. The five counties in southwestern Utah that comprise the Five County Association of Governments are Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington.

This year, 2021, marks the 49th anniversary of the formal establishment of the Five County Association of Governments. While the Five County AOG was officially created in 1972, informal cooperation amongst the five member counties, along with the municipalities within them, as a group, has taken place since the 1950's.

Farsighted leaders of the past envisioned the time when our world-class scenic landscapes, mild climate, beautiful communities and hard-working people would foster the evolution of a major regional center in the West. That time has arrived. Southwestern Utah has come into its own. The Five County Association of Governments is a key player in aiding locally elected officials in coping with regional challenges.

The Association has a main office location in the Tonaquint Center High Tech Business Park in St. George City and a satellite office in Cedar City. We also have dedicated staff in other locations within our service areas. More information on the Association, including our Vision and Mission, can be viewed using the "What is The FCAOG" link on the "About" tab above. Our office addresses, as well as maps to locate them, are found using the "Contact" tab above.

Five County News


The Five County Association of Governments, Community Action Partnership is pleased to invite your service agency to apply for FY2022 descretionary Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funding.  SSBG funds are made available to enable local agencies to furnish social services best suited to meet the needs of the individuals residing within their community. Such services for example, may be, but are not limited to: daycare for children or adults, protective services for children or adults, special services to persons with disabilities, adoption, case management, health-related services, transportation, foster care for children or adults, substance abuse, housing, home-delivered meals, independent/transitional living, employment services, information and referral, or many other social services found necessary by the State and local communities.

For information on the SSBG process, you may contact Mr. Michael Day, Director of Community Action, at (435) 673-3548 extension 150,  or e-mail Michael at

Please use this 
 to make an application for SSBG funding.

 There are currently two open positions at the Five County Association of Governments.  

The first position we are seeking to fill is for a Administrative Assistant/Accounting Technician.   Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, administrative support for the Aging programs to include:  secretarial duties, processing of Medicaid and provider billings, support with program and fiscal reports, data entry, provider contracts, meeting minutes and other clerical/receptionist duties.  This position is in our St. George main office.

The second position is for a SSW Case Manager - Aging.    The SSW Case Manager performs a variety of professional duties related to the administration of the Aging Waiver Medicaid, New Choice Waiver, Alternatives and Caregiver Support Programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, intake, eligibility, assessment, care plan development, service coordination and maintenance of client files.  Services are provided in a community setting, which may include client’s home, home of a loved one or caregiver, assisted living facility or other community setting.  The position will also assist with information and referral, outreach, community events and training. 
 This position is in our St. George main office.

Click HERE to go to our Human Resources page to view the complete job announcements and position descriptions, application deadlines, as well as specific instructions on how to apply, for these open positions. 

The required Employment Application needs to be downloaded from that page.  You can also contact our Human Resources Director Jennifer Wong (her contact info is on that page) for additional information.

This document is the Five County Association of Governments contribution to the 2021 Utah Annual Action Plan assembled by the State of Utah’s Housing and Community Development office, which reports on Community Development Block Grant activities statewide.

The Five County report for the 2021 Utah Annual Action Plan describes activities completed in the past year and offers the region an opportunity to review and update goals year to year. The progress made in the last year is complemented by an understanding of the expected funds for the upcoming fiscal year and a discussion of the projects to be rated and ranked in the coming year.

Click HERE to view the approved document.

Each year the Five County Association of Governments has an independent audit of our organization conducted by a qualified public auditing firm. The FY2020 Audit was completed by the Certified Public Accounting firm of Hafen-Buckner of St. George City, Utah and the report was presented to our governing body, the Steering Committee, for acceptance, which they did at their meeting on December 30, 2020.

The FY2020 Audit Report is available for public review as a PDF scanned copy of by clicking on THIS LINK.

ethics The Utah Counties Indemnity Pool (UCIP) is our Association's "insurer".   A Fraud Tip Hotline has been established by UCIP, in cooperation with Lighthouse Services, LLC. This service has been set up for UCIP members, such as the Five County  Association of Governments, in order to provide their staff and citizens with easy access to report fraud, and keep government open and honest.

Fraud tips can be submitted four ways:
Website:  (available in English or Spanish)
Toll-Free Telephone:   • English – (877) 410-0007    • Spanish – (800) 216-1288
E-mail:  (must include our Association's name with report)
Fax: (215) 689-3885 (must include our Association's name with report)

The Home Energy Assistance Target program, known as H.E.A.T., is a federally-funded energy assistance program. The goal of the program is to assist eligible individuals and families meet the higher costs of energy during the winter and summer.  The program typically runs from November 1 through September 30.  The Five County HEAT Program office in St. George provides assistance throughout the year (heating and cooling) for eligible clients in eligible areas. Because H.E.A.T. provides assistance ONCE every program season, it is important that families and individuals do all they can to keep their utility bills current and to conserve energy.

Click HERE to go to the HEAT Program web page.

The HEAT office in St. George is located at 1664 South Dixie Drive, Unit L-104. It is located in the same building unit as, and in between of, Sienna Pharmacy and the Park Law Firm. Click HERE for a Map to the St. George location.  The office in Cedar City is loacted at 2069 N. Main Street, Suite L103, Cedar City, Utah. 

A provision from the tax cut legislation passed by by Congress in 2017 may have positive economic impacts in southwestern Utah, with investors incentivized to develop businesses in some of the area’s lowest-income neighborhoods.  Large swaths of Washington, Iron, Beaver and Garfield counties are among the places across Utah identified this summer as federally-recognized “Opportunity Zones” — areas designated where investors can avoid some taxes in exchange for funding new development.

The hope is that development creates jobs, reduces poverty and sets the groundwork for further economic growth in areas largely being left behind by the state's overall job growth.  This region, including even fast-growing Washington County, still ranks overall as a distressed regional economy, based on federal guidelines, thanks to low wages and a limited mix of businesses.

Click HERE to go to view a PDF map of this region's Opportunity Zone areas.  Click HERE to go to a web page with an interactive map of the nation that you can view all Opportunity Zones. 

NHMP A update to the regional Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is being developed by the Five County Association of Governments' staff in collaboration with all of the cities and towns, and the five counties in this region. The Plan update will include information regarding the type, location and extent potential and regularly occurring hazards in the Five County area and also includes information on previous occurrences of hazard events and the likelihood of a future natural hazard events.

This update is being done through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  As has been the case with the current plan (that is being updated) FEMA completed a review of the current Plan and approved it in 2017.  The current 5-year Plan is valid until early 2022.  This new Plan update will become effective once completed, approved by FEMA and adopted by the jurisdictions in this region. The updated Plan, once adopted will be valid from early 2022 through 2027.  If there are any questions on the Plan update, please contact Ms. 
Alyssa Gamble, Community Planner, at (435) 673-3548 ext. 117,  or via e-mail to

Click on this link:  to go to the special web site developed to present the Plan to the cities, towns, counties and the public

Community Services Directory 2015 Edition The popular Community Services Resource Directory for southwestern Utah is available. The Directory, published with Community Services Block Grant funding, is distributed through the Community Action Partnership of the Five County Association of Governments. While the Directory is targeted primarily to the under served population, many services apply to all levels of income and need. The Directory is available to view online or may be purchased. 

To view the Directory, please visit the H.E.A.T. and Community Action website at this link:

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy The updated Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document for the Five County Association of Governments economic development region was submitted to U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration Denver Region and was approved by that federal agency. For more information on the CEDS document, please contact Bryan Thiriot, Executive Director, Five County Association of Governments, via e-mail: or by telephone: (435) 673-3548.

Click HERE to view the approved CEDS Document.  (7.26MB PDF file)

The Five County Association of Governments has a Revolving Loan Fund. The purpose of the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is to create permanent, long-term jobs within the southwestern region of Utah by providing gap financing to qualified businesses for eligible activities.  Loans made through the Revolving Loan Fund are intended to help bridge the gap created by shortfalls in commercial financing. Funds are repaid into the program and recycled to other businesses, thus allowing an on-going job creation program. Funds are available in Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington County, Utah.

The Five County Microloan Program focuses on loans of $50,000 or less. The importance of these loans lies in their ability to offset the difficulty that businesses experience in receiving traditional bank financing. If a business loan candidate needs more than $50,000 they are encouraged to apply through the regular Five County Revolving Loan Fund which can provide gap financing in conjunction with a primary commercial lender. In most circumstances we can fund up to 50% of an eligible business capital need with up to approximately $200,000 of RLF fund participation.

To find out more about these two loan funds, please contact Garz Zabriskie, Director of Community and Economic Development at: , or phone (435) 673-3548 ext. 126

As required by Utah Code the Five County Association of Governments publishes all of its public meetings on the "Utah Public Meeting Notice" (UPMN) web site.  

You can search for our meetings by date or subject keyword.  To locate all of the meeting announcement postings published on the UPMN site by the Five County Association of Governments you can use this link and use the "Advanced Search" tab. You will need to type in the word five into the "Entity" box, highlight the "Five County Association of Governments" link that comes up, select a date range you want to view and then click on the "Submit" button. It will then show all upcoming meetings scheduled by the Five County AOG in the date range you selected.

Alternatively, you can use this LINK, choose to Find a Notice, and select "Associations of Governments" for Government type, choose "Five County Association of Governments" for the Entity, and you will see the Public Body list with links to each of them.

Click Here for more info on what the Five County AOG is about.